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After a year or so, I found myself on-and-off Maplestory but then decided to attempt to return to MapleStory2 Mesos as a totally active participant, but one day as I logged on I found out my account got hacked somehow. Lost all my stuff and it struck me quite difficult to observe my hard work vanish. Decided to fall Maplestory for good after that. Few years later I also found my guild.

Even though some can say all those years I spent Maplestory was a waste of time, I actually do not regret it at all. The journey I experienced through playing the game has been amazing and the memories are essentially a precious treasure on its own I will look back to.

One thing I am happy I did was created a movie compiled of all of my past Maplestory experiences. It was once I was busy at the time and struck level ~ 130 around. Today its essentially a time capsule for me whenever I only want to chill and dive back into memory lane (I laugh, I apologize, I tear up):Closing this message I understood I wrote a ton and I'm fairly sure nobody will read this haha~ But it was certainly nice to dive into memory lane there for a short moment. So thanks Keoni for sharing your own Maplestory expertise to all of us!

Last thing I want to mention is that Maplestory for kicks I decided I'll give it a try for the hell of it when it releases and two is occurring. Should be an interesting experience to see this new game name will be like compare to the original. Also the fact that I'm playing games and work from the game sector myself reminds me that my Maplestory encounter was a stepping stone in discovering my passion in matches:]

I played in 2005 it quickly became a part of my entire life and a diversion from real life and because I had been about to go into university. Just like you I was ashamed to say how much time I'd spent on the sport (and cash!) , and I also got hacked around four years into enjoying. That was what made me step back from the sport and spend more time focussing on myself, including researching for my professional exams, getting a job, becoming healthy and spending more time with family. Best thing I ever did now I have a lovely partner a fantastic job and time spent performing. However, I don't fully discount the time I spent on MapleStory as I left some great friendships that shaped into IRL friendships (two friends I meet fairly frequently here in the UK) and we talk, years and years later after we all continue played together.

I had such a great experience with MapleStory that I can't even begin to explain it. I started when I was about Official Site, 12 (at the time I'd only left RuneScape and I had been on the look for something new.) And it really helped find we became friends, other men and women who played with it. After going back to my country of origin, I was a bit after being outside for so long, thus I returned into MapleStory but this moment, all of the friends I made were virtual. I had been a DJ. I met some of the people on there and that I can not thank them enough for being friends with me in a time I was pretty lonely.

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